Dear subscribers!

We inform you that due to the increase in the cost of producing telecommunications services, as well as an increase in the payment to media groups for the right to retransmit television channels in our cable network, we have to increase the cost of services from 01.01.2019.

New price lists come into force on 24.12.2018. and available for review:


hAP lite TC

Reliable work without failures!

850 uah

Installation and adjustment is included in the price!

Stability – without reboots!
MikroTik hAP Lite TC is the products of a world famous company, so you do not have to worry about quality.
In the consumer segment, the routers of this company are not well known, because they are produced mainly for large corporate networks.
hAP Lite TC is one of the models that can be used at home – the price, power and reliability of the device are quite suitable for apartments and private houses.
MikroTik hAP Lite TC easily withstand comparisons with devices from other companies in this price range. It is necessary to allocate:

  • optimal ratio of price and quality – for a little money you get a reliable, durable and multifunctional device;
  • stable operation, so you can forget about constant reboots and reset settings;
  • a really extensive settings menu, in which you can adjust any parameter of the wireless network;
  • the possibility of connecting additional routers, which significantly increases the coverage area.


MikroTik hAP Lite TC is a worthy choice for connecting both home and office wireless Internet. 


ac lite tower

1650 uah.

Installation and adjustment is included in the price!

MikroTik hAP ac lite tower is a dual-band Wi-Fi router operating simultaneously at 2.4 and 5 GHz.
Wireless router supports work in wireless standards 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac.
hAP ac lite tower supports operation at a frequency of 5GHz, so it will ensure stable operation in multi-apartment buildings and office buildings with a high level of interference.
MikroTik RB952Ui-5ac2nD-TC supports power supply via a standard power supply or via the 1st network port using Passive POE technology.
Via the 5th network port, you can supply 24V 0.5A with Passive POE technology to another device, for example, supply a street Wi-Fi point.
A special feature of the router is the new design of the case. Universal housing allows you to install the device vertically on the table, horizontally in the form of a tower or hang on the wall.
The operating system RouterOS Level4, which controls the router, allows you to configure the restriction of Internet speed, to block access to certain sites or social networks,
limit the download of torrents, configure VPN connection, organize HotSpot, configure the router to work simultaneously with two Internet providers and much more.

MikroTik hAP ac lite tower is a worthy choice for connecting both home and office wireless Internet.

Prepay * for monthly Internet, TV packages or combined Internet + TV packages for a period of 12 months and save 10% of the cost of the service.

Activate ** the action can be in your account or with the help of the operator by calling the support department by phone: 797-20-20

You can return the balance before the end of the prepaid period, in which case the subscription fee will be recalculated without a discount.


* Advance payment – payment made in the months following the current paid month.

** Without activating the selected package for 12 months for the promotion, the money will be debited from the subscriber’s account on a monthly basis at a rate without discount.

Valid from 1st November 2018 to 31st January 2019.

Rules for conducting and participating in the promotion “for prepayment – cheaper”

Dear subscribers!

Your attention is available for viewing the OstWest TV channel in the packages “ Optimal plus ” and “ IPTV Basic “.
“OstWest” is a TV channel in Russian about events of interest to Europeans.

The broadcast network includes 4,000 Russian-language films, serials and programs, almost 2,000 cartoons and children’s programs.
We would like to inform you that the OLVIA TV channel, which is part of the Universal Software Service in the territory of Odessa and

Odessa region, is available for viewing in all TV packages.
“1 Automotive TV channel” is disconnected in analog TV.

The TV channel is available for viewing in digital TV (package “Optimal”, as an open digital, and in the package “IPTV Basic”).


Enjoy watching.


The performance indicators of TRK “BRIZ” Ltd were awarded with a prestigious award – the “Leader of the Year 2018” medal and a certificate,

which confirms the financial and economic success of the company.
Leaders of the rating are companies that not only fruitfully conduct business,

but also take care of the well-being of their employees, maintain an open dialogue with partners and clients.
TRK “BRIZ” occupies leadership positions for several years.

This award is a symbol of reliability and stability.

Dear subscribers!

Congratulations on your New Year and Christmas holidays!
We inform you that the Office, Bocharova, 2, will be closed on holidays:

  • January 1 – Tuesday
  • January 7 – Monday

Regular office hours:

  • Monday – Saturday (from 9:00 to 19:00)
  • Sunday is a day off

For your convenience, technical support will be available around the clock without a break on weekends by calling:

797 20 20

729 11 22

 093 530 11 44

 097 158 31 31

 066 739 13 33


Dear subscribers!


We inform you that from January 25, 2013 updated pricelists for Internet access services and combined packages.

The need to revise the tariffs is associated with an increase in the cost of utilities, an increase in wages, inflation, an increase in the dollar, which led to a rise in the cost of the service.

Changes in tariffs will enable to maintain the quality level of the services provided, as well as to modernize the network.


TRK “BRIZ” hopes for your understanding and our further successful cooperation.

Update the IPTV application


The version of the application is updated on Samsung SmartTV TVs based on TizenOS 2015, 2016, 2017 

Application version 1.116

List of changes:




  • Incorrect behavior when navigating on the authorization stage after disconnecting the TV from the local network.





  • Saving user authorization data.
  • The appearance of DebugPanel by pressing a specific combination of buttons (0-0-0-4).
  • The logout functional was introduced
  • “Account information” scene added

Action on the connection of the Internet and TV “2019 at half price”.
Great offer for all who first * connect to the network “Briz”!
Choosing the Internet package ** or TV, or the combined Internet + TV package using the selected service throughout the year 2019 (from January to December) paying (once or monthly, as a prepayment) 50% of the package price according to the price list at the time of payment.
* First connection – if at the connection address there was no subscriber of the provider “Briz” (last 12 months)
**”Gigabit:” and daily packages are not subject to the action.
The promotion is valid from 01.12.2018 to 02.28.2019.

Rules for conducting and participating in the promotion “2019 half price”


Internet + 175 channels




Order now

Bundle plans special!


Switch to “Standard” or “Lux” bundle plan without acquisition of a CAM-module and Conax card.
This equipment can be acquired later also after the end of the current promo deal.
Taking one of the bundle plans will give you access to the internet plus 175 channels
(75 analog + 100 digital channels).


Valid from 01.12.2018 till 28.02.2019.

«Briz» digital TV. Watch your favorite channels in high resolution!

Ordering IPTV set-to-box or САМ module (DVB-C) and receive 300 bonus points on your private account (1 bonus – 1 uah).
Bonus points can be used for any Briz* plans payment.

  797-21-12, 797-20-20, 093 530 11 44, 097 158 31 31
  Bocharova st. 2; monday – saturday from 9:00 till 19:00


*Plans Briz, as well as Briz + IPTV.


Starting from 1.12.2018  till 28.02.2019.

Did not have time to pay for Internet*? No big deal!
You have got 7 days! In the beginning of every month
the speed of your connection stays the same as in the previous month.

During this time you can make the payment and continue using the internet staying online all the time!


*Internet monthly plans.

   797-21-12, 797-20-20, 093 530 11 44, 097 158 31 31
   Bocharova st. 2; monday – saturday from 9:00 till 19:00


or easy savings!

Welcome Robot-Berny! New service for our customers.
Our team had made a fatal error.
Project “Bonus-Briz” failed… However, as developers use to say:
“It is not a Bug, it is a Feature!”.
In result of source code compilation we got a robot with artificial intelligence!
Having tested the product we’ve discovered: Robo-Berny gives access to internet in exchange for the monthly payment.*
In return giving 1 bonus point for every 10 uah.

Although robot holds artificial mind it converts national currency into virtual (1 bonus point = 1 uah).
Virtual money! Saved bonus points you can use for activating services like “internet” and “digital tv”.
Pay attention! In case of missing monthly Robo-Berny launches “bonus termination!” algorithm.
Consequently, in order for pragmatic Robot-Berny to constantly calculate bonus points it is necessary to make the payment for service each month.
For instance: 
Monthly internet plan is 100 uah/mo.
In the end of the month, Robo-Berny transfers to your private account 10 bonus points.
Consequently, in 10 months of constant service use your account will be updated with 100 bonus points!
Bonus points are due to be activated! Robo-Berny will convert the virtue money.
In the end, internet is up and working! Speed is relevant to the monthly plan!
And you get 11-th month of internet use free of charge!









You can aсquire all the necessary 
equipment in our shop


MikroTik RB2011 – is a multiport router equipped with a powerful processor with a clock speed of 600 MHz, five network ports 10/100 Mbps, five 10/100/1000 Mbps ports, and a SFP port for connection to fiber optic networks. In addition, a dual-channel radio module with a capacity of 100 mW operating in the frequency range 2.4 GHz is installed in the router, a serial (console) RJ45 port, a microUSB port and two remote omnidirectional antennas with a gain of 4 dBi are provided. Also on top of the device is a LCD screen.