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Briz TV - TV that adapts to you - інтернет-провайдер Briz в Одесі

Briz TV - TV that adapts to you


Rewind ads, watch recorded movies and pause TV shows so you don't miss your favorite moments. You can also watch TV on any device: smartphone, tablet, laptop or TV.

Briz TV is connected very simply: just a few clicks in your personal account. You do not need to call the master. Only clicks, only online.

Connection details.

Briz subscribers are offered a trial version:

you get the maximum package of TV channels + movie library under a 14-day subscription for free*.

The Movie Library is a collection of movies, series and cartoons for the whole family.


After 14 days, you will remain on the previous tariff. To continue watching BRIZ TV, change the package in your account or through a support operator.

If you have already used our digital TV, when you switch to BRIZ TV, you will receive a free* movie library with a 14-day subscription. And you pay for TV at the current tariff.


* “Free” means connection for 1 UAH. Premieres are not included in the promotional package. After the end of the trial period, the “BRIZ TV + Subscription Movies” tariff will be available after payment. The service "Movies" is paid additionally (70 UAH/month).


Detailed rules of the BRIZ TV Trial promotion.


BRIZ - Internet and TV for your comfort!