Button "+7 days" - інтернет-провайдер Briz в Одесі
Button "+7 days"

From the 1st to the 7th of each month, the "+7 days" button appears on the main page of the site and in the personal account.

By clicking on the button, you will get the Internet at the speed of your tariff until the end of the day. Then the speed will drop to 60 Mbps and will be so until the next press of the button or to the eighth number. On the 8th the Internet will disappear if you have not paid the subscription fee.


The program "+7 days" is not available to subscribers who used daily packages or only IPTV packages (individual) in the previous month.

In case, of the late payment for services (before the 30th day of the month), your accumulated bonuses are debited from the personal account.


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