Bonus-Briz program


1. Bonus-Briz program is valid for subscribers – individuals receiving television, analog and / or digital, and Internet services from TRK Breeze LLC, and paying monthly packages without a break. In the subscriber account “Amount on the account” there are two parameters “Hryvnia” and “Points”.


2. For each full 10 (Ten) hryvnia, carried out by the subscriber in payment of a monthly package, 1 point is credited to the subscriber’s account (only in whole numbers, without fractions). Points are awarded only for hryvnias spent in payment of monthly Packages upon expiration of the validity of these Packages on the last day of the calendar month in which the Packages operated.


3. Accumulated points can be used by the subscriber to pay for Packages of television, analog and / or digital, Internet and Dedicated IP-address. Payment by points for a dedicated IP-address can not be made without payment for the Internet package. One point is conditionally equated to one UAH, but points are not converted into hryvnia. Points can be used to pay for Packages only if their number corresponds to the cost of the selected Packages in UAH (by tariffs). When paying for a package, the hryvnia and points do not add up, payment or only by grivnas, or only points.


4. Dispatch points in your account can only the subscriber through his account. In the section “Activating the service” and in the corresponding columns, the subscriber selects the service (Package) and the period (month). Packages will only be changed after the current Packet expires. If in the current month the subscriber does not have the paid Packet, the subscriber can activate the Package for the current month, at the same time the amount in points for the Internet package in the current month will be charged in the total amount of the Package regardless of the activation date of the service.


5. If the subscriber does not receive payment for the Package in the current month, then at the end of this unpaid month, the points on the subscriber’s account are automatically reset, regardless of their number. The new accumulation of points on the subscriber’s account begins after the resumption of payments and the use of services.


6. Points can only be used within one account.

Example of Bonus-Briz:
The subscriber continuously pays monthly Internet packages for 60 UAH. Monthly, after the end of the package, the program automatically transfers to the subscriber’s account 6 points. Accordingly, in ten months of continuous use of services on the account of the subscriber will be 60 points. These 60 points can be used by the subscriber to pay for the Package costing 60 UAH and the eleventh month to use the Internet service free of charge.

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