Bonus-Briz program

Bonus Breeze is valid only for monthly Internet packages or monthly combined packages that include the Internet, namely the Internet, Internet + IPTV, Standard and Suite.

Terms Used

  1. Points are the conventional units that form the subscriber’s bonus account. Not converted into hryvnia.
  2. “Bonus Breeze” is the official name of the loyalty program for existing subscribers of the company.
  3. Services / service packages are activities performed by the provider aimed at satisfying the needs of subscribers.

What is the program “Bonus Breeze”

The purpose of the program “Bonus Breeze”: savings of users due to their uninterrupted use of the services of the provider. Each subscriber can exchange the accumulated points for existing services (monthly packages for providing access to television and the Internet).

How do you earn points?

Scoring takes place at the rate of: 10 hryvnia = 1 point. The calculation takes the amount in hryvnias, which is paid every month for using the selected package. Scoring takes place on the last day of the month. The number of points is rounded off. For example, if a subscriber paid 162 hryvnia per month, then 16 points will be calculated. To accrue points, the subscriber must pay monthly for the services of interest to him. In case of interruption of timely monthly payments, points accumulated and assigned to the account are reset.

Terms of use points

1 point for payment corresponds to 1 UAH. You cannot sum up points and real money – you need to have the entire amount of points to pay for the service / service package, the actual value of which is indicated on the website.

How to redeem points for services

Checking the number of points and their exchange for services or service packages are carried out through the Personal Account on the company’s website, in the “Payment for Services” section.

An example of the action program

If a subscriber pays for services in the amount of 200 hryvnia each month, then in 10 months the subscriber’s account will have 200 points. They can be exchanged for a service that has a cost of 200 hryvnia or less (on account of the next or any other month, if desired).

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