CAM module conax installation guide

CAM module CONAX installation guide

CAM-module and access card installation:


Smart-card and CAM-module are made for decoding of encrypted digital channels. For CAM-module installation TV is required to have the appropriate interface – CI (Common Interface).

Pay attention!

CAM-module connection to TV tuner is strictly according to

the guide manual of that tuner.

  1. Installation and extraction of the module is done only with TV turned off.
  2. Insert the module into the interface according to exploitation instructions of the device that is being connected to.
  3. Insert the smart-card into the CAM-module with the chip-side of the card facing «CONAX» sticker on the module.
  4. Turn on the TV set


After turning on the TV information about detected module will be displayed on the screen. The apperance and content of yhe info-message depens on the TV model. The TV menu contains options about the installed module.


In case any of the channels remained unavailable (message on the screen «Шифрованный канал» (encrypted channel) or «Канал закодирован» (encoded channel)), make sure that your current plan includes this channel.


f any of the channels remained unavailable for watch:

– it is required to wait on this channel from 2 to 20 minutes;

– do not remove the CAM-module from the TV just remove the smart-card and after a couple of minutes put it back in.


If the channel (channels) remained unavailable for watching, please contact our support.



Preserve CAM-module from falling and mechanical damaging.

CAM-module installation is in accordance eith the TV instructions guide. Wrong installation may damage CAM-module and the TV.

Do not bend smart-card and do not expose it to electro-magnetic influences.

It is not recommended to take off smart-card from the module and module from tv.

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