200 IPTV channels for three months as a gift.

200 IPTV channels for three months as a gift. When connecting * to the Breeze network, choose the Internet package and we will give it 200 IPTV channels as a gift ** for three months! Connection Promotion is valid from 01/12/2019 to 02/29/2020. * If there was no Breeze subscriber at the connection address for the last 3 months. ** "Gift" means the provision of "IPTV full - 200 channels" for the current month from the date of connection + 3 in the...


Bonus-Briz program Bonus Breeze is valid only for monthly Internet packages or monthly combined packages that include the Internet, namely the Internet, Internet + IPTV, Standard and Suite. Terms Used Points are the conventional units that form the subscriber’s bonus account. Not converted into hryvnia. "Bonus Breeze" is the official name of the loyalty program for existing subscribers of the company. Services / service packages are activities performed by the provider aimed at satisfying the needs of subscribers. What is the program "Bonus...

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