New Year – a new choice of channels!

We decided to spend the holidays together with the family, it is important to remember:
– decorate a Christmas tree
– buy gifts
– make a New Year’s menu
– select interesting channels on TV
Since January 1, see the new TV channels in the network “Briz”:

Paramount Comedy – this is the best world television humor in Ukrainian for the Ukrainian audience. The channel has compiled the best foreign sitcoms, comedy series, full-length films, skits and animated series.
ОБОZ – social information channel.
NIKI KIDS – bright, children’s TV channel, with unique content in Ukraine, multi-voice recording and high-quality picture, is intended for the audience of children of age “5 +”.
NIKI JR – children’s animation television channel, designed for an audience of children under 5 years.
MTV HIT и MTV ROCK – one of the most popular music channels in the world.
Sony Channel HD TV channel in high definition format. These are melodramas, comedies, detectives, dramas, programs and reality shows.
Nick Junior – transmission mainly for preschoolers. On the channel Nick Jr. the original content produced exclusively for Nickeldeoen