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Do you provide a dedicated (static) IP-address?

The ability to allocate a static IP address is often of interest to advanced users. After all, the presence of such an address allows you to use your computer as a host for your own website or even create your own ftp server.

The subscriber can connect the service of providing a dedicated (static) IP address independently in the Personal Account when paying for his tariff. If you have already paid for your tariff, and later you need a static IP address (for example, in the middle of the month), then you should contact the BRIZ support operator.

A static IP address costs 30 hryvnia per month, it must be renewed monthly. If the service is not paid for by the first day of the month, the static IP address will be unavailable. When reconnecting, the IP address may change.

You can find more information about a «dedicated IP address» in our article: "What is a dedicated IP address?"