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  • How to connect your internet?
  • I’m moving. How can I stay your client?
  • Do you provide a dedicated (static) IP-address?
  • Can I buy a router from you?

How to connect your internet?

To connect to the Internet from BRIZ, you just need to follow a few simple steps.

1. Open the "Internet" page on our website.
2. Choose the optimal tariff based on the connection speed that suits you.
3. Then click "Connect" under the selected tariff and order a call back.

You will be contacted by a support operator who will answer all your questions.

In case you could not make your choice, the BRIZ operator will help you choose the best tariff for your home or office.Also, the operator will select a connection time convenient for you. The master will come at the appointed time, quickly connect and configure the necessary equipment.

That's all. Connect to the Internet is fast, and the Internet is even faster!