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  • I didn't pay for the internet on time. Will it disappear?
  • How to pay for services?
  • I don't remember the contract number. How do you recognize him?
  • How can I find out how much money I have in my account?
  • I have topped up my account, but there is no internet. Why?

I didn't pay for the internet on time. Will it disappear?

For such cases, BRIZ has provided the opportunity for its customers to stay in touch without timely payment.


On the 1st day of each month, subscribers who have not made a payment are automatically connected to the “+7 days” loyalty program, continuing to use BRIZ services. During this time, you must pay for your package, otherwise access to the Internet and IPTV will be suspended on the 8th.



The “+7 days” loyalty program does not apply to the cable TV tariff. In the event that no payment was made for cable TV tariffs or Internet + Cable TV, the cost of restoring television is paid (50 UAH in apartment buildings, 100 UAH in the private sector).

In case of untimely payment (before the end of each month), the accumulated bonuses on the account will be written off in accordance with the rules of the Bonus Briz program.