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  • What is BRIZ TV?
  • What happens after the 14-day trial ends BRIZ TV?
  • How many devices can be connected to BRIZ TV?
  • On which devices can I watch BRIZ TV?
  • How to add movies to BRIZ TV tariff?
  • How can I watch recorded TV shows on BRIZ TV?
  • How to buy a movie on BRIZ TV?
  • What is CTV?
  • How to connect cable TV?
  • Can I buy a IPTV box from you?
  • How to switch HD to SD mode?

What is CTV?

CTV is classic cable television (digital/analogue). The signal is transmitted over a coaxial or fiber optic cable.

The package includes more than 220 TV channels of different genres (national, entertainment, educational, sports, music, children's, film and others). You can view the list of TV channels here.

To connect, open the “Television” page and click “Connect” under the CTV tariff. The support operator will call you back, answer all your questions and select the connection time. Watching cable TV does not require the purchase of additional equipment (TV set-top box or Smart TV).