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Why does the Wi-Fi speed not match the one stated in the contract?

What to do if the internet speed does not match the one specified in the tariff plan, and how can the user solve the problem with low internet speed?


BRIZ Internet means high speed of data transfer, stability and security of connection. To get the declared speed, you need to connect the device to the Internet via a cable. However, when connecting via a Wi-Fi router, the speed may depend on many factors, such as the model and age of the router, the operation of other routers or household appliances nearby.

Let's take a closer look at the reasons for the low speed of the Internet in your home or office.


First, let's check the speed of the Internet connection. For this:

- Connect your computer to the router using a cable.

- Disconnect all devices from the router, except for the one on which you are checking.

- Then pause your antivirus and surge protectors.

- Close browser tabs, mail, instant messengers and more.


Now, using one of the speed detection services (for example,, run the test several times. This way you can be sure that the results obtained will be more objective.


What affects the transfer of data over a wireless network?


Radio wave communication encounters interference: walls, ceilings, Bluetooth. Even the work of household appliances can interfere. That is why a laptop can have a low Internet speed, while a stationary computer connected to the network via a cable is normal. To measure the maximum speed over Wi-Fi, approach the router at a distance of no more than 1-2 meters.


When testing does not reveal any problems with the data transfer rate, and the slow Internet does not allow you to be productive, try the following methods:


1. Reboot.

Restarting often helps to solve the problem of low internet speed. This is a great way to clean up RAM and restart your device drivers. After rebooting, the router automatically switches to a free channel, which significantly speeds up the connection.


2. Try another site.

Sometimes technical problems on the site server slow down its work and the speed of the Internet has nothing to do with it. If other sites are working well, then try to come back a little later.


3. Router bandwidth.

To adjust the bandwidth of the router, go to the settings and select “Maximum data transfer rate”. Then set the highest value and click "OK".


4. Clearing the cookies.

If you do not clean temporary files for a long time, then over time, their number will complicate the speed of the Internet browser. But be prepared that after this cleaning you will have to re-enter logins and passwords on the sites.


5. Driver check.

If the Internet on your home computer works well, but the speed on your laptop is low, then perhaps the problem is in this device. You may need to update the software of your network card or drivers.


6. Virus check.

Viruses and malware often cause slowdowns.


7. Checking DNS address settings.

High load on your DNS server can lead to slow internet speeds.


8. Reboot your PC.

Please note if power saving mode is selected on your computer. After all, this can directly affect the speed of the Internet.


9. Amplifier.

If your Wi-Fi internet speed is slow, you can connect additional equipment such as a wireless signal booster. The best option is to install an additional router where the signal weakens and connect it to the ONT router via a wire.


There can be many reasons for the low speed of the Internet, and therefore, to solve the problem, it is better to immediately contact the BRIZ specialists, who, as soon as possible, will determine the source of the problem and help to eliminate it.