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  • What is "Suspension of services"?
  • How do I contact a support operator?
  • What is GPON technology and how to connect it?

What is "Suspension of services"?

Are you planning to temporarily not use BRIZ services? You can suspend the payment of your plan.

1. Go to your Personal Account;
2. Click “Pay” in the description of your tariff;
3. Then “Change package”;
4. At the bottom, in the “Internet” category, select “Suspension of services” by clicking on the “Pay” button;
5. Select the required payment period and click the "Pay" button.

The cost of “Suspension of services” activation is 5 UAH/month. The service is activated from the next billing period. Account bonuses and dedicated IP addresses (30 UAH/month) will be saved under your address.

Important! To activate the service, in your Personal Account must have at least UAH 5. It is possible to deactivate the suspension through the support operator.