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How to switch HD to SD mode

How to switch from HD to SD mode in AURA HD

If your TV does not support HDMI connector, then data can be transmitted to it via RCA connector.

After connecting the set-top box using RCA, the TV will display a message:

“This video output does not work in HD mode. For video output to work, you need to use SD mode".

You need to go into the BIOS and switch the playback mode. You can enter the BIOS like this:

  • Disconnect the AURA HD set-top box from the socket.
  • Press the MENU button on the console and, without releasing it, plug the console's power supply into the outlet. As soon as the blue screen appears, the button must be released.
  • We select the PAL 567i mode in the top line, but the 720 * 576 mode on the second line.
  • Then you need to save our settings, select the Exit Save line right there, press to the right and the OK button.
  • After rebooting the set-top box, everything will be shown by RCA.


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