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Reconfiguring a router to IPoE

1. To reconfigure the router, you must be connected using GPON technology;

2. Contact the support manager to change the connection type;

3. follow the instructions for reconfiguring the router.

Changing router settings (on the example of a TP-Link router)

1. You need to open a browser on your computer and type If the admin panel does not open, enter
In the authorization page that opens, type in the username and password fields the word - admin.


Reconfiguring a router to IPoE,1 - Internet provider Briz in Odesa

2. Next, go to the Advanced tab.


Reconfiguring a router to IPoE,2 - Internet provider Briz in Odesa

3. Go to the section Network - Internet:
change the Internet Connection Type from PPPoE/PPPoE Russia to Dynamic IP.


Reconfiguring a router to IPoE,3 - Internet provider Briz in Odesa

4. We save the changes by clicking the Save button.

This completes the reconfiguration of the router.

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  • Register your device's MAC address yourself.
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