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Advanced TP-LINK router settings

This manual will discuss the advanced features of TP-Link routers. The settings described below are optional for most users, they can be useful for those who have basic skills in working with a router and networks. If you do not understand the essence of these settings, we do not recommend making them.

IP address reservation


This function assigns the specified MAC address to the local IP address that the router assigns. This is necessary so that after restarting the router, your device can receive the specified local address, and not a new one every time. All subsequent settings require reserved IP addresses.

Go to the section "DHCP" - "Address Reservation". Here you need to click the "Add New .." button.

Advanced TP-LINK router settings,1 - Internet provider Briz in Odesa

We indicate the MAC address of the device, the desired reserved IP address and the "Enabled" status.

Port forwarding


This function redirects requests from the router on the specified port to a specific device. Without this, all attempts to contact your device will stop at the router.

Go to the "Forwarding" - "Virtual Servers" section. Here you need to click the "Add New .." button.


Advanced TP-LINK router settings,2 - Internet provider Briz in Odesa

We indicate the Service Port - the forwarded port, IP Address - the address of the computer to which the port is forwarded, the "Enabled" status.

Wake on lan


Wake on Lan allows you to remotely (via websites or mobile applications) turn on your device connected to the router.

While the computer is turned on, the router knows exactly which port this server is connected to. But as soon as the server turns off, the router, after a while, completely forgets this fact. Although it is understood that at the physical hardware level, the ports of the router and the server board "recognize" each other by their MAC addresses (they constantly communicate with themselves if power is available) and the router "guesses" that the above IP address will belong to this particular destination (until the computer is turned on, this knowledge is not available to the router, because there is still no network layer interface).

To avoid this problem, it is necessary to make a static entry into the ARP table when loading.


Go to the section "IP & MAC Binding" - "Binding Settings". Here you need to click the "Add New .." button.


Advanced TP-LINK router settings,3 - Internet provider Briz in Odesa

We indicate the MAC Address and IP Address of the device that will be turned on. Check the Bind box.

Parental Control


The parental control function allows you to control the activity of children on the Internet, deny access to specified websites and limit the time spent on the Internet.

Go to the "Parental Control" section. Initially, we enable the function by clicking on "Enable" and specify the MAC address of the parent computer (you can clone it by clicking the Copy To Above button). We save by clicking the "Save" button.

Advanced TP-LINK router settings,4 - Internet provider Briz in Odesa

Click the "Add New .." button. We indicate the MAC Address of Child PC - the MAC address of the device that the child uses; Allowed Domain Name - list of allowed websites.Attention: in order for these restrictions to apply not always, but at a specific time, you must specify the appropriate settings in Time Settings and Schedule.

Local Management


The function allows you to restrict access to the web interface of the router.

Why make this setting (click to show) If access to your WI-FI network is organized by a password, there is a risk that your neighbors will hack it and gain access to your home network, thereby being able to change any configure the router or harm it. By restricting access to the router, clients not specified in the filter will not be able to administer it.

Go to the "Security" - "Local Management" section. Set the dot opposite "Only the PCs listed can browse the built-in web pages to perform Administrator tasks".

Advanced TP-LINK router settings,5 - Internet provider Briz in Odesa

We indicate the MAC addresses of devices that can open the web interface page of the router.

Attention: If you enter an incorrect MAC address and save the settings, the router page will become unavailable and you will need to reset the settings to factory defaults.

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