How to measure internet speed?


First of all you need to be sure that you are not using WIFI connection, and you dont have active download in your network, for example: you have an open programm that uses active internet connection such as µTorrent, Skype, ICQ, QIP, MailAgent, Download Master and others. Please try to exclude a router from your network, this means to connect internet to yor pc from ISP provider directly.


If you want to use internet only by wireless connection, we recommend to read article: How Wi-Fi works


For testing speed of internet connection you need to go to a website www.speedtest.net and make a test to servers Kiyv and Odessa. The measurements are displayed in megabits per second.


 If test results do not correspond to the tariff, try to make another test, but with help of µTorrent. If this program not installed on your PC, you can download it on a website http://www.utorrent.com, and install it. Then you need to start download with the help of this program, for example you can download a Centos (unix based operation system), torrent file is available by this link: http://mirror.mirohost.net/centos/7/isos/x86_64/

Download speed in this program you can see in megabytes per second, for transfer to megabit – it is necessary to use the formula:


download speed * 8 = speed in megabits per second.


Remember, Torrent uses small part of the traffic for service needs (example: search for peers).

If speed of internet is lower declared by a tariff – contact customer support by phone:


797-20-20, 729-11-22 , (097)1583131, (093)5301144, (066)7391333.


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