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Apartment Complex Akademichesky

Apartment Complex Akademichesky

Apartment Complex is located in the Suvorovsky district of Odessa at the address Zabolotny, 77a, 83/1. Apartment complex Akademichesky is a two-story townhouses that have a protected house territory of a closed type, areas for family recreation.


The coverage map of the BRIZ provider covers the entire territory of the Kotovsky village, therefore it offers Internet, digital or cable TV connections in the Akademichesky apartment complex.


- Home Internet - from 60 Mbps to 1000 Mbps;

- Digital television (BRIZ TV) - more than 170 TV channels;

- Cable TV - over 240 TV channels.

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    • Internet and television
    • Promotions upon connection ( more)
    • We are building a network: Breeze will be here soon
    Акції від BRIZ

    Features from BRIZ:

    * The cost of connection for multi-apartment buildings using FTTB technology (twisted pair) from 1 UAH or GPON (optics to the apartment) - 600 UAH. The price includes up to 40 m of cable to the first switching point, the Pon-terminal is transferred for use.

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