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Apartment Complex Park Fontanov

Apartment Complex Park Fontanov

The residential complex is located in the Fontanka, Odessa region, at the address: st. Chekhova, 2. A 10-storey building in several sections has commercial real estate on the ground floor and residential apartments starting from the 2nd floor. Apartment Complex Park Fontanov has a well-groomed house territory, a modern kindergarten, and is also located next to the “Riviera” shopping center.


BRIZ offers connection of Internet services, digital and cable TV in Apartment Complex Park Fontanov.


We connect:

- home Internet (speed from 60 Mbps to 1000 Mbps);

- modern digital television (IPTV);

- cable TV.

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    • Internet and television
    • Promotions upon connection ( more)
    • We are building a network: Breeze will be here soon
    Акції від BRIZ

    Features from BRIZ:

    * The cost of connection for multi-apartment buildings using FTTB technology (twisted pair) from 1 UAH or GPON (optics to the apartment) - 600 UAH. The price includes up to 40 m of cable to the first switching point, the Pon-terminal is transferred for use.

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