New router in store – Mikrotik hAP Lite TC

Stability – without reboots!

MikroTik hAP Lite TC – is the products of a world famous company, so you do not have to worry about quality.
In the consumer segment, the routers of this company are not well known, because they are produced mainly for large corporate networks.
hAP Lite TC is one of the models that can be used at home – the price, power and reliability of the device are quite suitable for apartments and private houses.
MikroTik hAP Lite TC easily withstand comparisons with devices from other companies in this price range. It is necessary to allocate:

  • optimal ratio of price and quality – for a little money you get a reliable, durable and multifunctional device;
  • stable operation, so you can forget about constant reboots and reset settings;
  • a really extensive settings menu, in which you can adjust any parameter of the wireless network;
  • the possibility of connecting additional routers, which significantly increases the coverage area.

MikroTik hAP Lite TC – is a worthy choice for connecting both home and office wireless Internet.

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