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Changes in the list of TV channels

Dear subscribers!

From 01.01.2022 "Football 1" and "Football 2" are available for viewing in HD quality.

Added new TV channels:
6 SOTOK (HD), A CLASSIC (HD), ZAKON TV (HD), MASON TV (HD), RU MUSIC (HD), UTRAVEL (HD) (Premium KTV / Basic IPTV packages).

DVB-C subscribers need to reconfigure the TV.

The following TV channels have been disconnected: 360 TUNEBOX (HD), MEZZO, DOCUBOX HD, FASHIONBOX HD, FAST & FUNBOX HD, MEZZO LIVE HD.

In digital television DVB-C, TV channels: FOX, FOX LIFE, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, NATGEOWILD are available for viewing only in HD quality.

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