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Changes in the list of TV channels - інтернет-провайдер Briz в Одесі

Changes in the list of TV channels

In connection with the entry into force of the Law of Ukraine "On the prevention of threats to national security associated with excessive influence of persons with significant economic and political weight in public life (oligarchs)" and the incompatibility of the development of private investment with the consequences of the implementation of this Law, the National Council of Ukraine on Television and radio broadcasting canceled the licenses of the following TV channels: "UKRAINE", "FOOTBALL 1", "FOOTBALL 2", "FOOTBALL 3", "NLO.TV", "Indigo TV", "UKRAINE 24", "Shakhtar TV" (source of information).


In addition, the broadcast of the TV channel "4" was suspended according to the decision of the copyright holder.


The following changes have been made to TV tariffs:


The PROVENCE TV channel has been added to the KTV Premium package (analogue + digital DVB-C TV) and IPTV Basic, in analog TV:


Signal It was Became
151,25 INDIGO TV Sonata TV
279,25 Football 1 PROVENCE
287,25 Football 2 NIKI KIDS
527,25 Ukraine ENGLISH CLUB
599,25 4 TRACE Sport Stars
767,25 Ukraine 24 inRATING


To watch these TV channels, you need to reset your TV.