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Are you leaving? Suspend Services - інтернет-провайдер Briz в Одесі

Are you leaving? Suspend Services

Do you plan to temporarily not use BRIZ services? Suspend payment of your tariff through your personal account or support operator.


How Service Suspension works:


If you plan not to use the services of BRIZ from next month, you can activate the “Suspension of services” yourself.


What needs to be done:


1. Go to your personal account;

2. In the “Your services” block, click “Service management”;

3. Below in the block “Suspension of services” click “Activate”;

4. Then, you will go to the payment mode. Select a period and click the "Pay" button.



- Activation cost - 5 UAH/month;

- You can use "Suspension of services" for a period of 1 to 6 months in a calendar year;

- If you need to deactivate the suspension during the paid period, contact the support operator. If deactivation is necessary in the next payment period, use your personal account;

- "Suspension of services" can be used by subscribers with Internet or Internet + BRIZ TV packages;

- If you want to secure a dedicated IP during suspension, the payment for a static address remains the same (30 UAH/month).


Do you have any questions? Contact support manager.


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