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The lights went off? And you are still online! - інтернет-провайдер Briz в Одесі

The lights went off? And you are still online!

Energy independence, high data transfer rates and multiple communication services through just one cable? Today it is possible with GPON technology.

The main advantage of GPON is its non-volatility. If there is an uninterruptible power supply in the house or apartment, power outages or network overloads will not affect your Internet use in any way.

How is the connection going?

1. You need to contact the support operator to apply for connection using GPON technology.

All communication methods with support manager.


2. The master will come at the appointed time, run an optical cable to the apartment / house and install the PON terminal.


3. By connecting an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to the terminal, you can use the Internet. The network time depends on the capacity of your equipment.