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Twisted pair connection in apartment houses (not less than 10 apartments)


city Odessa village Chernomorskoye

In other communities

1 uah

200 uah

In apartment house (not less than 10 apartments).

Customer cable and mounting – are paid separately.

Fiber optic connection (house, apartment)


Customer’s media-converter*

Without customer’s media-converter

200 uah

900 uah

One computer installation included

Customer’s cable and mounting are paid separately.


*media-converter: Huawei HG8210M GPON ONU

Service restoration (after 90 unpaid days)

200 uah

Customer’s cable, mounting and installation of the end user device (if required) are paid separately..

In surrounding villages

The price is relevant to the complexity of work required and is discussed in individual manner.

Urgent order (out of turn)

+200 uah

only for apartment buildings

Permanent external IP address

30 uah/mo.

Pay attention — delayed pay for next month will cause IP address change.

Payment for the whole calendar month termless of the pay day.

Pay attention! In case of delayed payment for services network access will be halted. Payment should be done during 3 month period. After this term cable can be unpluged from network device.

Cable TV connection


Apartments (not less than 10 apartments house) Analog + DVB-C

Private residence

50 uah

400 uah

DVB-C (Digital Video Broadcasting)

Cable and mounting are paid separately

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