payment methods

Payment methods

My BRIZ app

  1. Open the My BRIZ app.
  2. Click the “Top up account” button.
  3. Choose the type of payment: “Visa / Mastercard” or “Scratch Card”.
  4. Fill in the fields following the prompts.

no commission


  1. Open the Monobank application
  2. Click the “Other Payments” button.
  3. Select “Communal and Internet”.
  4. Enter the address.
  5. Click the “Add Company” button.
  6. Enter “BREEZE” and click “Find”.
  7. Enter the contract number and click “Next”. If you do not remember the contract number, look in the personal account of the site briz.ua or ask for support.
  8. Enter the top-up amount and click Next.
  9. Confirm payment.

no commission


Pay for Internet and TV without a fee at the cash desk of TRK “Breeze” at Bocharova, 2.

The box office is open Monday to Saturday from 9:00 to 19:00.

no commission


  1. Go to the site portmone.com.ua.
  2. Enter the word “Breeze” in the search box or select the desired service in the category “Pay for utilities”: Internet or television.
  3. In the “Unique number” field, enter your personal account number. If you do not remember the personal account number, look in the personal account on the site briz.ua or ask support.
  4. In the comment to the template, write your name and initials, as well as address.

with the commission

Account replenishment cards

Top up your account without a fee with the help of “Breeze” scratch cards.

Scratch cards are sold in the office of TRK “Breeze” at Bocharova, 2 (Monday to Saturday from 9:00 to 19:00), as well as in stores “Tabakerochka”.

no commission

Payment through terminals

  1. Find and click on the logo of TRK “BREEZE” LLC on the terminal screen.
  2. Enter your personal account number.
  3. Make sure the account number is entered correctly, and then enter the top-up amount.


Click on the name of the network of terminals to find out their location:



Sistema («ФК Система»)


with the commission


Pay for Internet and TV without a fee at PrivatBank’s cash desks and self-service terminals, as well as on the privat24.ua website and in the bank’s mobile application.


Cash desk of PrivatBank

Tell the cashier the following.

  1. Recipient: TRK BREEZE LLC.
  2. Payment: for the Internet or television.
  3. Payer details: your personal account, surname and initials, address (street, house, apartment).
  4. The month (s) you pay for.


Read the receipt (or the correct information) and save it.


PrivatBank self-service terminal

Utility Menu -> «Інтернет» -> Create a new payment search box «БРИЗ» -> Enter your personal account number.


Mobile application Privat24

Payments ->New Payment ->Find a company “Бриз” -> select Internet or TV -> Dial the personal account number.


Difficulties with payment? Forgot your personal account number? Breeze Support will help.

Direct numbers

(048) 797 25 25

(048) 729 11 22


068 797 25 25


093 797 25 25


095 797 25 25

Email: support@briz.ua

Online support help.briz.ua.

no commission

Bank details


МФО 380805,

р/р UA423808050000000026004453521

USREOU 30030888


When paying for services according to bank details, a commission is charged according to the bank’s terms.

with the commission

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В соответствии с требованиями действующего законодательства Украины услуга "Перезвоните мне" работает с 09:00 - 22:00. Если вы хотите решить ваш вопрос после 22:00, необходимо звонить по номерам технической поддержки +38 (068) 797 25 25 +38 (093) 797 25 25 +38 (095) 797 25 25