Payment details: ООО ТРК БРИЗ т/с № 26007221861 в ПАО “МТБ БАНК” г. Черноморск МФО 328168, код ЕГРПОУ: 30030888


All the details below should be stated in Russian:

— Receiver: TRK BRIZ (ТРК БРИЗ)
— Payment for: Internet, Cable TV (Интернет, Кабельное ТВ)
— Sender’s details: Surname, Name, Middle name, address (street, house, apartment)service and pay period ( Ф.И.О., адрес (улица, дом, квартира), услуга и период, на который она оплачивается )

marfinbank.ua —> Быстрый Переход, раздел: Отделения-Банкоматы-разное —> Отделения банка —> Одесса

If payment is done through any other bank commission will be charged.
Check thoroughly the receipt for payment and save it.
If you have any questions according your payment please dial one of the following numbers:



  (097) 158 31 31,  (093) 530 11 44,  (066) 739 13 33, (048) 797-21-12, (048) 729-10-72

Attention! Payments done through bank transfer takes 4 days and will be shown in your private account during this period.

Payment through PrivarBank requires:

— Receiver: ТРК БРИЗ
— Private account ID

Cash Terminals:

Menu «Коммунальные платежи» -> «Интернет» -> Search for company name «БРИЗ» -> Enter account ID.

Note that using  cash terminal may have change left after making payment which you can use up at your disposal.

Also, you can cash in the amount less or greater than recommended  (not less tha  cn 10 uah.)

Online payment«Privat24»:

—  Menu «Мои платежи» -> Создать платеж -> Search for ? -> «БРИЗ» -> Choose ООО ТРК “БРИЗ” -> Enter account ID.

For your convenience, we prepared detailed instructions how to pay using Privat24 service.

If you have any difficulties with Privat24 please contact us.

Attention! Payments made from 00:00 till 01:00 may have one hour delay (due to the bank’s work order).

 Credit card holders of VISA and EUROCARD/MASTERCARD can make the payment using one of the following services:

1. At your personal account page stat.briz.ua.  Tax free!
2. At iPay.ua (ukrainian internet payments center), stating your account ID.
3. At EasyPay.ua, stating your account ID.
4. By using POS-terminal, at our office (Bocharova st. 2, daily from 9.00 till 19.00).


If you have any questions according your payment please contact us dialing any of the following numbers: 


 (097) 158 31 31,  (093) 530 11 44,  (066) 739 13 33, (048) 797-21-12, (048) 729-10-72

Payments send to the wrong account can be rolled back. In that case come to our office (Bocharova st., 2) with a document verifying your identity. 

Note: account money refill with VISA or EUROCARD/MASTERCARD is only possible from a computer connected to internet.


Frequently Asked Questions:


1. Maximum payment amount ?

Answer: The amount done with one plastic card should not exceed 700 uah.
Maximum of two transfers can be accomplished with one plastic card.

2. What is CVV2 code?

Answer: CVV2 is a tree digit number situated on the back side of a plastic card next to signature field. 

You can also make the payment using one of the following terminals: ФК СистемаIBoxEasySoft и City-Pay.


Choose our logo ТРК БРИЗ on the screen, press on it and enter your account ID. 


Make sure that your account corresponds to your personal details (address), enter the amount that you would like to transfer to your personal account.

IBox terminal locations  www.ibox.ua
EasySoft terminal locations см. здесь.
ФК Система terminal locations см. здесь.

To refill your account please go to stat.briz.ua, choose «WebMoney» and enter the desired amount. After that you will be transferred to the WebMoney payment followed by authorization form and the payment acknowledgement from your WebMoney wallet.

Cash register TRK BRIZ

Scretch cards

Self-service centers



Office TRK BRIZ     Bocharova st., 2 .
Working hours — from 9.00 till 19.00, mo – st.

raiffeisen bank1



Self service centers situated at Raiffeisen Bank Aval.

To make a payment it is necessary to state: Surnam, Name, Middle Name, address, account number ID, plan price.

Using portmone.com it is possible to make payments only for plans, additional services are paid separately. 


All questions concerning payments address to tel. (044) 200-09-08, support@portmone.com or Online chat at portmone.com

Making payments with methods described above is free of tax! The only exception are bank transfers (except MTB BANK).


The main identifying source of a payment is your account ID (unique number), which is stated in the request agreement for telecom services provision from TRK BRIZ.


If account ID is lost please contact our support:

   (097) 158 31 31,  (093) 530 11 44,  (066) 739 13 33, (048) 797-20-20, (048) 729-11-22.

In case of two separate service agreements instead of combined alternative all payments for corresponding services should be done separately as well.

Office TRK «BRIZ»

    Bocharova st., 2 .
  Working hours — from 9.00 till 19.00, mo – st.


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