PPPOE-connection set up for Windows 10

Local network set up in Windows 10

To be able to setup a PPPoE connection in Windows 10, you will first have to launch the “Connect to the Internet” wizard. To begin, launch Settings. If you’re in a hurry, a quick way to open the Settings app in Windows 10 is to click or tap on its shortcut from the Start Menu.

Inside Settings , head to the Network & Internet section.

Then, select Dial-up from the list of options on the left.

On the right side of the window, click or tap on the ” Set up a new connection” link from the Dial-up section.

The “Set Up a Connection or Network” wizard opens.

From the list of available connection options, select ” Connect to the Internet” , and click or tap the Next button.

In the ” Connect to the Internet” window, click or tap on Broadband (PPPoE).

We’ve now arrived at the place where you provide the settings of your PPPoE connection. The most important things to do are to type the User name and Password given to you by your ISP.

You’ll also find some additional options that you can change:

  • You can check the “ Show characters” option if you want to see your password, to be sure that you typed it correctly.
  • If you don’t want your Windows 10 computer to ask you for your password each time you connect to the internet, you can set it to ” Remember this password”.
  • By default, Windows 10 gives your PPPoE connections the name Broadband Connection. However, if you’d like to use another name, enter the one you want in the Connection name text field.
  • Finally, if you want your newly set PPPoE connection to be available for all the people who have access to your computer, check the last option that says: ” Allow other people to use this connection”. However, note that, in order to be able to enable this option, you’ll need to have administrative rights.

Once you’ve made all the settings, click or tap on Connect to initiate the PPPoE connection .

The wizard will go through a few steps, like verifying your username and password and testing your internet connection.

If everything worked well, the wizard will notify you that now “The connection to the Internet is ready to use”.

How to connect to a PPPoE internet connection in Windows 10

Now that you’ve set up your PPPoE network connection, you can use it anytime you want to access the internet. But there is a catch: to be able to use it, you will need to connect to it each time you need it. Here’s how to do that:

Click or tap on the Network icon from the notification area on your taskbar, and then click or tap on the PPPoE connection you want to connect to. If you didn’t change its default name, the connection should be called Broadband Connection.

The previous action will trigger the launch of the Settings app and take you to the Dial-up section. In here, click or tap on your PPPoE connection, found on the right side of the window.

To initiate the PPPoE connection, click or tap on Connect.

Either way, once your Windows 10 computer is connected, you’ll be brought back to the Network & Internet section of the Settings app. Here, you can see the Connected message displayed under your PPPoE connection.

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