The operating time of the subscriber department has been changed

Dear customers!

For information concerning administrative questions, any information related to connection Agreement (Internet and TV)
and all appendixes to the agreement (Tariffs and details to the packages of services), ans also Promos, Discounts, Suggestions
please refer to our customer service office: Bocharova st.2, Odesa, Ukraine, 65111, every Monday through Saturday from 9:00 till 19:00 (Sunday – day off)
or call ‎797-21-12, ‎729-10-72.
To receive consultation on technical questions, or consultation related to equipment set up please call our support ‎797-20-20, ‎729-11-22 (24/7 * 365), ‎0971583131, ‎‎0935301144, ‎‎0667391333 *.