USER GUIDE STB MAG250 / MAG254 / AuraHD / AuraHD Plus

STB Description


The MAG250 / MAG254 / AURA HD is a compact and powerful solution for providing a wide range of multimedia services on a television screen.

The media streamer is made in a small stylish case, on the front panel of which is a USB-connector, an IR receiver and a sleep indicator / indicator of pressing the buttons on the remote.

The main set of connectors is located on the back of the console: an additional USB-connector, 4-pin 3.5mm TRRS (composite video output, stereo line-out), connectors for HDMI, Ethernet and power.

At the bottom of the console are the ventilation holes, which allow the air to circulate for cooling during operation.

The main features of media streamer MAG250 / MAG254 / AURA HD:

View videos in HD quality

Viewing Multicast streams (TV channels)

Convenient media player for playing media files

Playback of video, audio and photo data of various formats from external USB-media (flash memory, hard disk): MPEG-TS, MPEG-PS, MPEG2, MPEG2-audio, h264, VC-1, WMV9, avi, mkv, mov, mp4, wmv, mp3, wav, jpg

Media streamer description


Principles of the interactive interface


The interactive interface includes 3 sections with subsections:
1. Multimedia
USB Flash

2. Applications





3. Account


Each section is designed to perform thematically combined tasks.

The transition between the sections of the interface is carried out using the cursor buttons (left / right) of the remote control (remote control).

Go to the selected section using the “OK” button

“TV” Section


TV channels view


The MENU button calls up the channel list. TV channels are divided into the following categories:

All channels







HDTV Foreign


The Odessa


My Favorites

You can navigate above cahnnels with help of  “up/down” buttons, to change category press “left/right” buttons.


Adding and Deleting channels into category “Favorite”

Add channel into favorite you can by the few ways:

  • When you watching channel press yellow button “F3”
  • In the menu, find favorite channel, and press yellow button “F3”


If you need to remove channel from favorites, you need to go in category

“Favorites”, select channel and press yellow button “F3”

“EPG” – the program of telecasts

To display the current channel program, press the EPG button. Use the “left / right” buttons to navigate through the electronic program guide.


Sleep Timer

To open the Timer dialog box, click the “Set / Set Sleep Timer” button. Then select the desired time and press the “OK” button on the remote control.

At the set time, the set-top box will go into “Stand By” mode.

To exit this mode, press the “Power on / off the prefix” button.


Additional settings

Press the “SETUP” button to call up additional settings. With the help of the appeared menu you can set the video modes Aspect and Content, and also choose the language of the sound track.


«USB FLASH» section

STB MAG250 play video, audio and photo data of various formats from external USB-media (flash memory, hard disk): MPEG-TS, MPEG-PS, MPEG2, MPEG2-audio, h264, VC-1, WMV9, avi, mkv, mov, mp4, wmv, mp3, wav, jpg.


To watch it is enough to connect an external USB-drive (flash memory, hard disk) to the free USB port of the device. After a short time, it will be displayed in the selection menu.



Control buttons on the remote:


In the selection mode:

“up / down” move through the playlist;

“PgUp / PgDown” – moving between pages;

“BACK” – return to the previous directory;

“EXIT” – exit the section;


In photo playback mode:

“right”, “OK” – the next picture;

“left” – the previous snapshot;

“EXIT” – return to the directory view;

In the video and audio playback mode:

“right” – fast forward;

“Left” – rewind; “OK”,

“PLAY / PAUSE” – pause / play;

“SETUP” – additional adjustment of the image;

“F3” (yellow button) – turn on the mode

“Loop play”;

“EXIT” – return to the directory view;


Connection to SAMBA server:

Press the green button on the remote control (“add Samba server”)

In the SAMBA server section, click “Add”

In the window that appears, enter: URL (the address of the SAMBA server), the folder on the remote siren, the name for the menu list, Login and Password to access the server

Press save

Additional sections

NEWS section

Choose the subject of news with the buttons “up / down”.

Go to the selected topic with the “OK” button.

Return to selection by pressing the “BACK” button.


“WEATHER” section

Navigation by the section is carried out by the buttons “left / right”.

Exit button “BACK”


“Horoscope” section

Navigate the section using the up / down buttons.

Exit button “BACK”

Payment for IPTV packets

To activate the IPTV package, go to the “Account” section and press the yellow button on the control panel “F1”


In the window that appears, select the IPTV service package you want to activate and click “OK”


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