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Internet for home

«Monthly plan»

«Daily plan»

60 Mbit



 150 uah/mo.

Symmetric speed 60 Mbit/s




Dedicated IP IPTV


80 Mbit



 180 uah/mo.

Symmetric speed 80 Mbit/s




Dedicated IP IPTV


100 Mbit



 200 uah/mo.

Symmetric speed 100 Mbit/s




Dedicated IP IPTV


250 Mbit



 250 uah/mo.

Symmetric speed 250 Mbit/s




Dedicated IP IPTV


500 Mbit



 300 uah/mo.

Symmetric speed 500 Mbit/s




Dedicated IP IPTV


Prepaid discounts in % of the cost of the period
for 3 months 5 %
for 6 months 10%
for 12 months 20%
Dedicated external IP address
30 uah/mo

*A subscriber gets an opportunity to watch the IPTV UPS package along with the BRIZ package.


10 uah/day


Daily plan

20 Mbit/s




12 uah/day


Daily plan

40 Mbit/s




14 uah/day


Daily plan

60 Mbit/s




16 uah/day


Daily plan

80 Mbit/s





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TP-LINK’s Archer C7 comes with the next generation Wi-Fi standard – 802.11ac, 3 times faster than wireless N speeds and delivering a combined wireless data transfer rate of up to 1.75Gbps. With 1300Mbps wireless speeds over the crystal clear 5GHz band and 450Mbps over the 2.4GHz band, the Archer C7 is the superior choice for seamless HD streaming, online gaming and other bandwidth-intensive tasks.




Передзвоніть мені

Відповідно до вимог чинного законодавства України послуга "Передзвоніть мені" працює з 09:00 - 22:00. Якщо ви хочете вирішити ваше запитання після 22:00, необхідно телефонувати за номерами технічної підтримки +38 (068) 797 25 25 +38 (093) 797 25 25 +38 (095) 797 25 25